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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media. Video was first developed for mechanical television systems, which were quickly replaced by cathode ray tube (CRT) systems which were later replaced by flat panel displays of several types.

Video systems vary in display resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, color capabilities and other qualities. Analog and digital variants exist and can be carried on a variety of media, including radio broadcast, magnetic tape, optical discs, computer files, and network streaming.

Video technology was first developed for mechanical television systems, which were quickly replaced by cathode ray tube (CRT) television systems, but several new technologies for video display devices have since been invented. Video was originally exclusively a live technology. Charles Ginsburg led an Ampex research team developing one of the first practical video tape recorder (VTR). In 1951 the first VTR captured live images from television cameras by writing the camera's electrical signal onto magnetic videotape.

Video recorders were sold for US$50,000 in 1956, and videotapes cost US$300 per one-hour reel. However, prices gradually dropped over the years; in 1971, Sony began selling videocassette recorder (VCR) decks and tapes into the consumer market.

The use of digital techniques in video created digital video. It could not initially compete with analog video, due to early digital uncompressed video requiring impractically high bitrates. Practical digital video was made possible with discrete cosine transform (DCT) coding, a lossy compression process developed in the early 1970s. DCT coding was adapted into motion-compensated DCT video compression in the late 1980s, starting with H.261, the first practical digital video coding standard.

Digital video was later capable of higher quality and, eventually, much lower cost than earlier analog technology. After the invention of the DVD in 1997, and later the Blu-ray Disc in 2006, sales of videotape and recording equipment plummeted. Advances in computer technology allows even inexpensive personal computers and smartphones to capture, store, edit and transmit digital video, further reducing the cost of video production, allowing program-makers and broadcasters to move to tapeless production. The advent of digital broadcasting and the subsequent digital television transition is in the process of relegating analog video to the status of a legacy technology in most parts of the world. As of 2015, with the increasing use of high-resolution video cameras with improved dynamic range and color gamuts, and high-dynamic-range digital intermediate data formats with improved color depth, modern digital video technology is converging with digital film technology.

Frame rate, the number of still pictures per unit of time of video, ranges from six or eight frames per second (frame/s) for old mechanical cameras to 120 or more frames per second for new professional cameras. PAL standards (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.) and SECAM (France, Russia, parts of Africa etc.) specify 25 frame/s, while NTSC standards (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.) specify 29.97 frame/s. Film is shot at the slower frame rate of 24 frames per second, which slightly complicates the process of transferring a cinematic motion picture to video. The minimum frame rate to achieve a comfortable illusion of a moving image is about sixteen frames per second.

Video can be interlaced or progressive. In progressive scan systems, each refresh period updates all scan lines in each frame in sequence. When displaying a natively progressive broadcast or recorded signal, the result is optimum spatial resolution of both the stationary and moving parts of the image. Interlacing was invented as a way to reduce flicker in early mechanical and CRT video displays without increasing the number of complete frames per second. Interlacing retains detail while requiring lower bandwidth compared to progressive scanning.

In interlaced video, the horizontal scan lines of each complete frame are treated as if numbered consecutively, and captured as two fields: an odd field (upper field) consisting of the odd-numbered lines and an even field (lower field) consisting of the even-numbered lines. Analog display devices reproduce each frame, effectively doubling the frame rate as far as perceptible overall flicker is concerned. When the image capture device acquires the fields one at a time, rather than dividing up a complete frame after it is captured, the frame rate for motion is effectively doubled as well, resulting in smoother, more lifelike reproduction of rapidly moving parts of the image when viewed on an interlaced CRT display.

NTSC, PAL and SECAM are interlaced formats. Abbreviated video resolution specifications often include an i to indicate interlacing. For example, PAL video format is often described as 576i50, where 576 indicates the total number of horizontal scan lines, i indicates interlacing, and 50 indicates 50 fields (half-frames) per second.

When displaying a natively interlaced signal on a progressive scan device, overall spatial resolution is degraded by simple line doubling—artifacts such as flickering or "comb" effects in moving parts of the image which appear unless special signal processing eliminates them. A procedure known as deinterlacing can optimize the display of an interlaced video signal from an analog, DVD or satellite source on a progressive scan device such as an LCD television, digital video projector or plasma panel. Deinterlacing cannot, however, produce video quality that is equivalent to true progressive scan source material.

Aspect ratio describes the proportional relationship between the width and height of video screens and video picture elements. All popular video formats are rectangular, and so can be described by a ratio between width and height. The ratio width to height for a traditional television screen is 4:3, or about 1.33:1. High definition televisions use an aspect ratio of 16:9, or about 1.78:1. The aspect ratio of a full 35 mm film frame with soundtrack (also known as the Academy ratio) is 1.375:1.

Pixels on computer monitors are usually square, but pixels used in digital video often have non-square aspect ratios, such as those used in the PAL and NTSC variants of the CCIR 601 digital video standard, and the corresponding anamorphic widescreen formats. The 720 by 480 pixel raster uses thin pixels on a 4:3 aspect ratio display and fat pixels on a 16:9 display.

The popularity of viewing video on mobile phones has led to the growth of vertical video. Mary Meeker, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, highlighted the growth of vertical video viewing in her 2015 Internet Trends Report – growing from 5% of video viewing in 2010 to 29% in 2015. Vertical video ads like Snapchat’s are watched in their entirety nine times more frequently than landscape video ads.

The color model the video color representation and maps encoded color values to visible colors reproduced by the system. There are several such representations in common use: typically YIQ is used in NTSC television, YUV is used in PAL television, YDbDr is used by SECAM television and YCbCr is used for digital video.

The number of distinct colors a pixel can represent depends on color depth expressed in the number of bits per pixel. A common way to reduce the amount of data required in digital video is by chroma subsampling (e.g., 4:4:4, 4:2:2, etc.). Because the human eye is less sensitive to details in color than brightness, the luminance data for all pixels is maintained, while the chrominance data is averaged for a number of pixels in a block and that same value is used for all of them. For example, this results in a 50% reduction in chrominance data using 2-pixel blocks (4:2:2) or 75% using 4-pixel blocks (4:2:0). This process does not reduce the number of possible color values that can be displayed, but it reduces the number of distinct points at which the color changes.

Video quality can be measured with formal metrics like Peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) or through subjective video quality assessment using expert observation. Many subjective video quality methods are described in the ITU-T recommendation BT.500. One of the standardized methods is the Double Stimulus Impairment Scale (DSIS). In DSIS, each expert views an unimpaired reference video followed by an impaired version of the same video. The expert then rates the impaired video using a scale ranging from "impairments are imperceptible" to "impairments are very annoying".

Uncompressed video delivers maximum quality, but with a very high data rate. A variety of methods are used to compress video streams, with the most effective ones using a group of pictures (GOP) to reduce spatial and temporal redundancy. Broadly speaking, spatial redundancy is reduced by registering differences between parts of a single frame; this task is known as intraframe compression and is closely related to image compression. Likewise, temporal redundancy can be reduced by registering differences between frames; this task is known as interframe compression, including motion compensation and other techniques. The most common modern compression standards are MPEG-2, used for DVD, Blu-ray and satellite television, and MPEG-4, used for AVCHD, Mobile phones (3GP) and Internet.

Stereoscopic video for 3d film and other applications can be displayed using several different methods:

Different layers of video transmission and storage each provide their own set of formats to choose from.

For transmission, there is a physical connector and signal protocol (see List of video connectors). A given physical link can carry certain display standards that specify a particular refresh rate, display resolution, and color space.

Many analog and digital recording formats are in use, and digital video clips can also be stored on a computer file system as files, which have their own formats. In addition to the physical format used by the data storage device or transmission medium, the stream of ones and zeros that is sent must be in a particular digital video coding format, of which a number are available (see List of video coding formats).

Analog video is a video signal represented by one or more analog signals. Analog color video signals include luminance, brightness (Y) and chrominance (C). When combined into one channel, as is the case, among others with NTSC, PAL and SECAM it is called composite video. Analog video may be carried in separate channels, as in two channel S-Video (YC) and multi-channel component video formats.

Analog video is used in both consumer and professional television production applications.

Composite video
(single channel RCA)

(2-channel YC)

Component video
(3-channel YPbPr)





Digital video signal formats have been adopted, including serial digital interface (SDI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DisplayPort Interface.

Serial digital interface (SDI)

Digital Visual Interface (DVI)



Video can be transmitted or transported in a variety of ways including wireless terrestrial television as an analog or digital signal, coaxial cable in a closed-circuit system as an analog signal. Broadcast or studio cameras use a single or dual coaxial cable system using serial digital interface (SDI). See List of video connectors for information about physical connectors and related signal standards.

Video may be transported over networks and other shared digital communications links using, for instance, MPEG transport stream, SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE 2110.

Digital television broadcasts use the MPEG-2 and other video coding formats and include:

Analog television broadcast standards include:

An analog video format consists of more information than the visible content of the frame. Preceding and following the image are lines and pixels containing metadata and synchronization information. This surrounding margin is known as a blanking interval or blanking region; the horizontal and vertical front porch and back porch are the building blocks of the blanking interval.

Computer display standards specify a combination of aspect ratio, display size, display resolution, color depth, and refresh rate. A list of common resolutions is available.

Early television was almost exclusively a live medium with some programs recorded to film for distribution of historical purposes using Kinescope. The analog video tape recorder was commercially introduced in 1951. In approximate chronological order. All formats listed were sold to and used by broadcasters, video producers or consumers; or were important historically (VERA).

Digital video tape recorders offered improved quality compared to analog recorders.

Optical storage mediums offered an alternative, especially in consumer applications, to bulky tape formats.

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Chicken pasta in a garlic tomato cream sauce is the ultimate comfort meal. Made with pasta, chicken, spinach, seasonings, lots of yummy garlic, and parmesan cheese, you can make this incredible dish in under 30 minutes!
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Side Bends Knee Raises Knee Tuck Crunch Heel Touch Russian Twist Side Plank Pulse Right and Left Reach Through Squat Arm Lifts Side Crunches Right and Left These 9 exercises are all included in today's tummy slimming workout and I guarantee you that they are all effective in helping you achieve your body goals. This 13-min workout will focus on your core and help you burn excess fat where needed to reveal a more shapely, well-toned body.
Having a hard time trying to study? Here are some tips to help you study better and make your grades even better. Tik tok vid is not mine.
During this pandemic, we are all susceptible to weight gain. Since we can't go for a run or to the gym and we're stuck at home, it's easy to get sucked in to a cycle of eating, watching, sleeping. If you add working out into the chemistry, then you stand a chance at having a healthy and fit body despite having no chance to go out of the house! These exercises can be done at home and they're all body-weight so there's no need to use any equipment. All you need is your body.
A healthy and filling Keto Taco Salad that’s perfect for lunch or dinner! This low carb salad is made with ground beef, keto-friendly veggies, cheese and is drizzled with a deliciously creamy taco dressing! #keto #lowcarb
OMG so good and better than potato fries! These healthy zucchini fries are baked in the oven and loaded with parmesan cheese and herbs. Perfect way to enjoy friends without all the greasy deep fried guilt.
This Classic Homemade Beef Stew recipe is so easy to make and so heavenly. A one-pot meal that’s hearty, flavorful and loaded with tender beef morsels, potatoes, and carrots. Cooked in a rich and savory sauce, this beef stew recipe is comfort food at its best.
Quick 30-minute chicken and veggies flavored with Cajun seasoning, garlic, and olive oil. These flavorful flavor packs are super healthy and make a delicious low-carb dinner.
This Roasted Tomato Soup is made with simple pantry items along with juicy ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, then blended into a creamy flavorful homemade soup. Great for lunch or as an appetizer | Vegan | Vegetarian | Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Dairy Free | Homemade Soup | Video
These Roasted Cabbage Steaks are super easy to make and oh so tasty. Because they are roasted, the cabbage leaves become very tender and absorb the flavors of the seasonings that are sprinkled on them before cooking. The outer leaves also take on a slight crispiness, which is a nice contrast to the tender center. This vegan dish is so yummy, and you can pair it with lots of other dishes to put together a full meal.
Workouts To Get Rid Of Back And Armpit Fat In 20 Minutes
This is a super easy and naturally high-protein snack idea! You can pretty much add any toppings you like on top!;) #healthysnack #healthydessertrecipes #healthydessertseasy #healthyrecipe #healthyfood #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreedesserts #glutenfreesnacks #easyrecipe #glutenfrei #highproteinrecipes #highprotein
If you're having a busy day or week, then Easy Low Carb Cheeseburger Soup will revive your soul with just one pot, 30 minutes and maybe a little bacon. The simple keto recipe is loved by kids and families. Ideal for ketogenic & keto diets & gluten-free. #CheesburgerSoup #KetoSoup #30minutemeal #cheeseburger
Medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter and peanuts and coated in chocolate. These chocolate covered snickers stuffed dates are made with real food ingredients and taste even better than an actual Snickers bar. #medjooldates #stuffeddates #peanutbutter #peanut #chocolate #snickers #healthydessert #eatingbirdfood
For a low carb snack or dinner try these Keto Chicken Fajita Taquitos! Crispy cheese shells are packed with chicken and vegetables and come to just 1.3 net carbs per serving! #chicken #keto
Intense full body workout routine with weights #fullbodyworkout #homeworkout #womensworkout
This Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken is a quick and easy keto dinner recipe around 2 net carbs per serving! #keto #chicken #lowcarb
This is the best waffle recipe! If you want fluffy golden waffles that are a little crispy around the edges, then this homemade waffle recipe is for you! Easy to freeze for busy mornings. You will need a Belgian waffle maker to make this recipe.
Veggie filled Broccoli and Cheddar Crustless Quiche – without the crust this dish comes together quickly and easily in one bowl with only 7 total ingredients! | Gluten Free + Low Carb + Keto + Vegetarian
Low Carb Chicken Taco Soup is a quick and easy dish that the entire family will love! It can be prepared in an instant pot or a slow cooker!
Instant Pot collard greens are a comfort food dream come true. They’re soft and silky, meaty and full-flavored like the long-cooking southern-style recipes that inspired them, but they’re ready in about 45 minutes. Click through for the full recipe! #instantpotcollardgreens #instantpotrecipes #southerncollardgreens
#pasta #pastarecipe #foodporn #foodvideo #pastadishes
Powerful exercises to tighten muscles and reduce cellulite on the thighs, legs and buttocks.
See my neutral Scandinavian Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas with neutral colors and natural elements, like greenery and sticks.
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Please visit for more free knit patterns and tutorials
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The Alpine Stitch Pattern is an easy crochet pattern that you can use to crochet baby blankets, afghans, shawls etc. Find the photo & video tutorial for beginners with step by step instructions on Crafting Happiness.#crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetforbaby #crochetprojects #crochetbaby #babyblankets #stitchesforblankets
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This delicious Avocado Hummus is a healthy hummus recipe made without tahini. It is an easy, vegan, gluten-free dip made with avocados and chickpeas, whipped into a smooth, creamy, spreadable dip. A simple dip that is a healthy appetizer for parties. #hummus #appetizer #dip #vegan #avocado #homemadeinterest
The Cluster V Stitch give a wonderful texture to your work. Learn it with this free step by step tutorial and video from Crafting Happiness. #crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetforbaby #crochetprojects #crochetbaby #babyblankets #stitchesforblankets #craftinghappiness
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The type of border we are going to learn here is called a rod border. This is the most commonly used type of border in willow weaving, as it is strong, simple and quick. To make things as clear as possible, I've chosen to teach a type of three-rod border, which shares a great deal of similarity with the three-rod wale that we used throughout our basket.
The star stitch is one of the prettiest patterns I’ve ever worked with. Although it looks complicated, it’s actually an easy stitch to crochet once you know where to insert your hook. #crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetgrannysquares #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetmotif #crochetsquares #grannysquareblanket #babyblanketpatterns #crochetbabyblankets #crochethexagons
The star stitch is one of the prettiest patterns I’ve ever worked with. Although it looks complicated, it’s actually an easy stitch to crochet once you know where to insert your hook. #crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetgrannysquares #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetmotif #crochetsquares #grannysquareblanket #babyblanketpatterns #crochetbabyblankets #crochethexagons
APRENDA DE FORMA CORRETA E RÁPIDA A FAZER PEÇAS DE CROCHÊ EM CASA E GARANTIR UMA RENDA EXTRA COM O CURSO COMPLETO DE CROCHÊ. COM MAIS DE 44 VÍDEO AULAS + 1300 MODELOS DE AMIGURUMI + BÔNUS. #cursocroche #aprenderamigurumi #amigurumi #graficosdecroche #graficodecroche #graficocroche #crocheflores #crocherosas #cursodecrochepassoapasso #cursodecrocheonline#cursodecrocheeamigurumi #tapetedecroche #blusadecroche #roupadecroche #souplastdecroche #toalhadecroche #videodecroche #cursodeamigurumi #curso
Ideias de cestos e cachepot reutilizando garrafas de plastico #garrafas #plastico #homedecor #manualidades #cestos #caixa #jardim #ideias #christmas #cozinha #diy #diyproject #recipe
Crochet Patterns Hat - Half Double Crochet - Crochet Magic Circle #crochettoppattern #crochet #crochetpattern #crochettoppattern
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Cute and easy ghost themed pom pom poppers kids can make for Halloween. All you need are balloons, paper cups, tape and a few pom poms. This is a fun kids craft for all ages and a simple DIY toy #ghostcraft #kidscraft #halloween #pompompopper #diytoys #kidshalloween #ghosts #thecrafttrain
Free tutorial + free pattern. Looking for a DIY craft project for home? Learn how to make this layered macrame wall hanging by following this video tutorial. #diy #macramewallhanging #tutorial #macrame
back loop only hdc slip stitch
Reciclagem de balde de plastico reutilizamos e transformamos em um cesto ou vaso de plantas , com cordas de barbantes . Faça voce mesmo , diy , crafts , reciclagemcriativa , reciclagemcriariva , reciclagemeideias , do it yourself , crafts , reciclaje , manualidades , artesanato
This savory dip recipe has oven-roasted red peppers and a pop of flavor is added with pomegranate juice and walnuts. Muhammara is an easy, authentic appetizer from the Middle East. #diprecipe #partyfood #easyrecipe #appetizers
Оригинальное закрытие петель
Keep these healthy baked oatmeal cups in your fridge or freezer for an easy, healthy breakfast! There’s four different flavor options so you’ll never get bored. Perfect for meal prep and for kids. Vegan + gluten-free.
Delicious peanut butter banana baked oatmeal cups made with protein-packed peanut butter and naturally sweetened with bananas and just a touch of pure maple syrup. These easy banana baked oatmeal cups are easily gluten and dairy free, freezer-friendly and great for both adults & kids! #oatmeal #oatmealcups #bakedoatmeal #healthybreakfast #mealprep #freezerfriendly #kidfriendly #peanutbutter #glutenfree
Air fried shrimp uses hardly any oil and is so healthy! Air frying is a game changer to cook shrimp with less fat and it's keto friendly too. Low carb is best!
This homemade Keto Chocolate Cream Pie is everything you want from a low carb chocolate dessert! A crunchy pecan pie crust is filled with a creamy chocolate mousse and topped with freshly whipped cream. The result is pure, sugar-free decadence. #keto #lowcarb
These Cranberry Orange Muffins are packed with tart cranberries and zesty orange flavour and they make the perfect sweet treat or snack! They’re the perfect recipe for beginning bakers because they’re easy to make with simple ingredients!
These No-Bake Salted Caramel Coconut Macaroons are so easy that they may become your go-to cookie recipe when you need a sweet treat fast. Coconut gets stirred into gooey caramel to form macaroons - then dipped and drizzled in chocolate. That's a lot of happiness to share anytime of the year! Make them for the Christmas holidays, for a homemade, edible Valentine's Day gift or an Easter brunch dessert. For more cookies, brownies and bar recipes visit #dixiecrystals
These Peach Cobbler Muffins are the perfect sweet snack! This is such an easy recipe that taste’s just like Grandma’s peach cobbler! And the best part? They’re even easier to make than a traditional cobbler and have the perfect crumble topping!
1 pot and just about 10 ingredients. A quick and easy weeknight dish that’ll satisfy your pasta cravings without the guilt! A lighter, vegetarian spin on stroganoff - that can easily be made dairy free and vegan.
Cabbage Roll Casserole is Keto friendly and low-carb solution to your cabbage roll cravings. Simple, easy and delicious. This is sure to become a family favorite.
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These super easy homemade Ginger Snaps are a favorite. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside make these cookies to die for good!
Most bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts recipes call for holding everything together with toothpicks, but we skip that step. Setting the bacon seam-side down on the baking sheet makes it seal in the hot oven. The maple syrup glaze helps to make each bite sweet and caramelized.
Let’s start this morning with healthy and delicious Morning Glory Muffins! They are made with whole wheat flour, sweetened with maple syrup, and packed with nutritious ingredients; like carrots, apple, orange, walnuts, and raisins! Perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast or a mid-day snack! #muffins #breakfast #healthy
How to improve on ham-and-cheese quiche? Bake it in an uber-crispy hash brown crust for the perfect breakfast dish for a crowd.
Two ingredient sugar cookie icing recipe for decorating. Made with no corn syrup. A simple recipe that is perfect for sprinkles as it hardens. The best ever! #icing #frosting #sugarcookie
These easy, chicken wraps with peanut sauce are such an simple and healthy lunch recipe, but they’re delicious any time of day. Soft flour tortillas are filled with seasoned chicken, crunchy coleslaw and peanuts with a slightly spicy, homemade sauce. Feel free to swap store bought sauce to make them even easier.
Learn how to use the invisible decrease for your amigurumi projects and the difference between regular and invisible decrease with this free photo and video tutorial. #crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetforbaby #crochetprojects #crochetbaby #babyblankets #crochettechniques #howtocrochet
100% Free Guide! How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Day The secrets to success with low-carb dieting: How to flatten your stomach and take back control of your body! #Ketobread #ketorecipe #bananabread #yeastlessbread #weightloss #diet #fitness #motivation #health
This Easy Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup is the perfect healthy, low-fat soup that’s easy to make and so creamy! Make it vegan and dairy-free!
These soft, crinkled molasses cookies spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cloves are a holiday tradition and a treasured recipe among friends and family!!!
This Easy Ginger Miso Soup is packed full of bok choy, mushrooms and silky tofu. Comforting, healthy and ready in 10 minutes!
The buttery goodness of Saltine Toffee Candy (aka Christmas Crack) is irresistible. This Christmas Cracker Toffee recipe is so easy, yet so delicious. Try it and see how fast it disappears – it’s kinda addictive! Video Tutorial.
This Easy Maple Dijon Glazed Ham is the perfect classic roast ham recipe with a simple sweet and tangy glaze made with dijon mustard, maple syrup, and fresh herbs.
This Creamy One Pot Butternut Squash Soup is so easy to make and it’s the perfect comforting soup for fall! And it’s healthy, dairy-free, and vegan too!
Crochet buffalo plaid hat. free video tutorial. Comes in baby to adult size.
The Bead Stitch Pattern is an easy crochet pattern that you can use to crochet baby blankets, afghans, shawls etc. Find the photo & video tutorial for beginners with step by step instructions on Crafting Happiness.#crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetforbaby #crochetprojects #crochetbaby #babyblankets #stitchesforblankets
Who knew that there were more ways to have fun with bubblewrap! Before you're tempted to pop the bubbles, try this chocolate hack to create a cute beehive. This recipes is an awesome way to get the kids involved with cooking! Need an idea to get them to eat more fruit? We've created these charming plum bees to complete your beehive dessert. Find more kid-friendly recipes at
instagram story idea. ❀ instagram/tiktok: @beingsarakay • for detailed tutorial, watch my youtube video, linked below ↴ #instagramstory #instagramstories #instagramstoryideas #instagramstoryinspo
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Jenga-Nuggets! Stapeln Sie hoch! Spielen mit dem Essen ist doch erlaubt. Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Die Möglichkeiten sind endlos 🍫😋 Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Birne Helene als Torte! Diese Torte... ist mein! Und geteilt wird hier nicht ;) Mit vollem Genuß ins Jahr. Ein Mix aus Schokolade und Frucht ist einfach das Beste! Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Quiche cake croustillant ! Et son coeur de chèvre coulant. Une recette facile pour un dîner délicieux, avec des lardons, du fromage de chèvre et des oeufs ! Et pour encore plus d’idées de recettes, abonnez-vous ou rendez-vous sur !
XXL-Apfel-Zimt-Rolle! Mit karamelliger Mitte. Fruchtiger geht es kaum! Alle Obst Fans aufgepasst bei so viel Genuss! Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Lauch-Rösti! Chefclub erfindet den Sandwich neu
. Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Nid de pâtes carbonara ! A la poêle ! Une recette créative avec des lardons, des tagliatelles et des oeufs, parfaite pour le dîner. Et pour encore plus d’idées de recettes, abonnez-vous ou rendez-vous sur !
Origami Paper Bag | How To Make Paper Bags with Handles | Origami Gift Bags
Glute growth workout for women. Glute building exercises at home. Must try this. No weights needed.
Schoko-Kekstorte! Zu viel Schokolade? Gibt's ja gar nicht! Wir verhelfen dem Klassiker zu neuem Glanz. Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Einfache Tischdeko mit Naturmaterialien gestalten #winterdecor #winterdekoration
Homemade alfredo sauce with linguini and an oozing brie cheese center, this pasta bake is the perfect family dinner recipe. Check out how we turned your favorite pasta dish into an irresistable pasta bake! Visit for the full recipe!
Fondue croque-monsieur ! Des boulettes qui croquent le froid d'hiver. Une délicieuse recette pour l'apéro, avec du jambon, du fromage cantal et du pain de mie. Et pour encore plus d’idées de recettes, abonnez-vous ou rendez-vous sur !
Croque cordon bleu géant ! Un croque monsieur, un cordon bleu... version géant ! Une délicieuse recette de cordon bleu à manger avec les mains. Et pour encore plus d’idées de recettes, abonnez-vous ou rendez-vous sur !
Käse-Sandwich mit Salat! Klingt so simpel, ist so unglaublich lecker 🤩 Käsig, knusprig... und ein paar Vitamine sind auch dabei! Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
It's the best dinner out there, no question about it! 😁 Homemade alfredo sauce with linguini and an oozing brie cheese center, this pasta bake is the perfect family dinner recipe. Visit for the full recipe!
Credits: funnypet520 on TikTok
This lasts for 20mins which means that in 2-weeks you'll be able to see significant changes in your body--just remember to do this regularly! Good luck!💪♥️
How to make a beautiful pendant with the wool Make a handmade jewelry for yourself
Apfel-Pfannkuchen mit karamellisierten Nüssen! Und Sahne. 😋 Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf !
Winter-Eiscreme! 2 Kugeln Käse in der Bacon-Waffel bitte! 🤤 Perfekt für ein bisschen Sommerfeeling in diesen kalten Tagen! Mehr Rezepte und Inspiration auf
Inspiração 😋🦐 #elmundoenrecetas #risotodecamarao #larisotteriarestaurante #uberlandia
Hojaldre de pollo! Un platillo rápido y delicioso! 😍🍗 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum #pollo
Cono de beicon con pollo y queso! Un plato con forma de helado pero sabor salado! 😜🥓🍗🍦😍 Un cono con relleno de queso y deliciosos jalapeños. Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Hacerse un mimo para cortar la semana 😻👏
Chocolates caseros! Una rápida y deliciosa manera de preparar unos chocolates caseros! Un sinfin de posibilidades te esperan! 🍫😍🥳
Croquetas de brócoli con tocino! Un delicioso antojito de primavera! Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Chocolates caseros! Una rápida y deliciosa manera de preparar unos chocolates caseros! Un sinfin de posibilidades os esperan! 🍫😍🥳 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Bocadillo de salchicha! Una bocata a la Chefclub! 😍🥖🌭 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Albóndigas al puré! Un clásico versión Chefclub! De rechupete! 😍🍖🥔🤩 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Atención: si tenés una adicción incontrolable al Nutella, NO mires este video. 🤩
00:04​ Huevos revueltos picantes 01:11​ Rollitos de huevo 01:26​ Huevos sin aceite 03:09​ Omelets diminutos 04:09​ Rollito de huevo con queso 04:36​ Hotcakes deliciosos
Papas rellenas! Una explosión de sabor en cada bocado! 😍🥔💥🧀🥓 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Helado de invierno! Un cono con relleno de queso y deliciosos jalapeños! 🔥🥓🍗🍦😍 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
치즈스틱 젠가 ! 엄마가 음식으로 장난치지 말라고 했지만 젠가 탑 쌓아버렸어요... 술게임하기 딱 좋은 술안주 ! 웹사이트 에서 더 많은 레시피와 아이디어들을 만나보세요 !
Hoy te voy a enseñar como preparar unos gambones al ajillo que son perfectos como aperitivo o entrante a nuestras comidas, en especial en cenas de navidad, su elaboración es muy sencilla, en un abrir y cerrar de ojos los tendrás listos y además el resultado es toda una exquisitez!! #langostinos #gambas #aperitivo #navidad
Hoy te traemos un solomillo de cerdo a la miel y mostaza, una receta que tendrás lista en sólo 10 minutos!! Además la salsa de miel y mostaza es perfecta para este solomillo, sus sabores te encantarán!! #cerdo #solomillo #mostaza #miel
Si ya nos encantó una versión anterior que hicimos con miel, hierbas y manzana, está nos gusta igualmente mucho! Pon un camembert en tu vida :D INGREDIENTES: 1 rulo hojaldre 1 camembert 1 loncha jamón serrano 1 cebolla 1 huevo #receta #hojaldre #cambembert #queso #jamón #cebolla #hojaldrerelleno #recetafácil #petitchef #recetapetitchef #petitchefespaña #recetafacil #aperitivo #entrante #quesofundido #baked
Hoy vamos a elaborar una receta muy especial y que en lo particular me encanta!! Solomillo de Cerdo al Pedro Ximénez, muy fácil y rápido de elaborar, perfecto para una deliciosa cena o para compartir un domingo en familia.
Aperitivo Sencillo y Rápido, estupendo para cuando no sabes qué cocinar! Para unas tapas fuera de serie! 😍🍻 Una receta facile con mozzarella e salsa bechamel. Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
La Masa Filo es muy utilizada en cocinas de todo el mundo, con ella podemos elaborar fantásticas recetas tanto dulce como saladas, hoy te enseño a preparar una de ellas ,se trata de los Rollitos de Pollo y Bacon 😋una perfecta opción como aperitivo o para nuestras meriendas. #masafilo #recetasconmasafilo #rollitosdepollo #rollitos #rollitosdepolloybacon #rollitoscaseros #aperitivo #meriendas #receta #recetas #recetasfáciles #recetasfáciles #recetasfacilesyrapidas #recetasdecocina #recetacasera
Una #receta fácil de hacer y perfecta para tomar en #Navidad o llevar a una fiesta o celebración. Un plato fácil y económico que os gustará a todos.
Un remolino de sabores! 🐟😍 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetas #recetasfaciles #salmon #tarta #yum
Un delicioso #APERITIVO de NAVIDAD para sorprender este año a los vuestros. Un entrante que seguro os encantará por su rico sabor y vistosidad en la mesa. Pocos ingredientes son necesarios para elaborar un plato que os enamorará. #YbarraJuntémonos #YbarraentuCocina #aperitivosnavidad #recetas #food #salsaCocktail #recetasdecarne #recetasnavidad #recetasnavideñas #aperitivosnavideños #recetasYbarra
Cubos de pollo y arroz! Desarma el muro comiendo cada cubo! 😜🤪🍗🍙🧀 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
La verdadera receta de lasaña! Cocinado a la antigua sobre una chimenea! 🙂🔥🍝 Para más recetas visita nuestro sitio Chefclub! #comida #recetasfaciles #recetasparacompartir #yumi #yum
Pecan pralines are a delicious combination of brown sugar fudge and pecans. With this easy praline recipe, you can make this melt-in-your-mouth Louisiana candy at home in just a few short minutes.
Voici des triangles façon samoussa fourrés aux fromages. Ils sont super simples et rapides à réaliser et vous n’en ferez qu’une bouchée!!! En apéritif ou accompagné d’une bonne salade ces petits triangles feront le bonheur de vos papilles. #aperitif #fromage #samossa
How to make beautiful DIY honey lemon lavender soap bars! The simple homemade foaming hand lavender soap recipe is great for beginners with goats milk or shea butter soap base. Lemon and lavender essential oils provide a wonderful scent and additional skincare benefits. The easy soap making step by step tutorial includes printable labels for wrapping packaging create a handmade soap gift idea. Great for dry skin, without lye. #soap #saltbar #lavendersoap #soapmaking |
I LOVE working out with an exercise band because it allows me to get stronger and build lean muscles. If you want to lose weight, strengthen your bones, and sharpen your mind these are great exercises! Click the link and head over to our website to claim you FREE gift of two full length chair workouts. Our program is designed specifically for women over 40 (and 50, 60, 70...) BONUS: Get 15% off all our equipment (including bands)
Click the link and get access to two super effective full chair workouts (FREE). You can get a great workout in a chair! We make it super fun with upbeat Christian music and inspirational messages included. Our program is all about bringing health to your body and sould PLUS is designed specifically for women over 40 (and 50, 60, 70...)
Adding weights to these exercises gives you a great strength training workout. You will work so many muscles in a short amount of time. Click the link and get access to two super effective full chair workouts (FREE). You can get a great workout in a chair! These exercises will get your heart pumping and your muscles moving! Our program is all about bringing health to your body and sould PLUS is designed specifically for women over 40 (and 50, 60, 70...)
Here's an amazing thigh fat burn to help you get slimmer thighs! It's a challenging high-intensity workout that's going to help you achieve the goals you're really looking forward to see. When done on a regular basis, you can be sure of some really surprising results. So good luck and let's begin the workout!!❤️💪
These Easy Keto Enchiladas require only a few ingredients and a couple minutes to make! One serving of three loaded enchiladas is just 3 net carbs!
Build bigger and rounder glutes at home with this resistance band workout routine #glutes #lowerbodyworkout #legday
Exercises for shoulder, neck, and collarbone area to help correct posture! Follow me on tiktok/youtube/IG for more!
Kpop idol inspired slim leg+thigh workout! Follow me on tiktok/youtube/ig for more!
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Easily create outlines in Procreate with this method! Click through for more Procreate tutorials ✏️✨ #procreate #procreatetips #howto #procreatetutorial #digitalart #digitalarttutorial
These healthy Frozen Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Banana Bites are the perfect healthy warm weather treat. Keep a batch in the freezer for easy snacking and enjoy two bites for less than 100 calories! meal plan - meal prep recipes - - easy healthy meals - healthy living - best meal prep ideas - healthy eating - healthy meals - how to eat healthy #ehvoilaaa #chocolate #banana #peanutbutter
Air fryer shrimp are so quick and easy to make and they are just as good, if not better, than one of your favorite restaurant appetizers. Made in the air fryer, these healthier fried coconut shrimp are made with just a handful of ingredients and without the need for a lot of oil.
An easy, southern-style sausage gravy with flaky homemade biscuits makes the BEST Biscuits and Gravy! One of our favorite breakfast recipes of all time!
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ПИЦЦА ЗА 30 МИНУТ. ___________________________________ Ингридиенты: - мука 500г; - соль 5г (пол чайной ложки); - сахар 5г; - разрыхлитель 5г (быстрый); - масло 50мл; - вода тёплая 300мл (полторы кружки); - начинка по вкусу. __________________________________ Процесс: В 300мл воды добавила соль, сахар и разрыхлитель все перемешиваем и засыпала 4 столовые ложки муки и перемешала. Оставила на 5 мин пока делала кеченез (соус из майонеза и кетчупа). В получившуюся массу из муки и тд. добавила 3-4 стакана муки и перемешиваем ложкой (гиблое дело венчиком). На разделочную доску наливаем масло и перемешиваем тесто руками (без масла тесто прилипает к доске и рукам). Включила духовку прогреваться. Оставила тесто на 10 мин подняться, и нарезала ингридиенты (колбаса, помидоры и натерла сыр). Противень у меня маленький так, что теста мне хватило на 2 пиццы. Выложила тесто и сразу смазала Кетченезом, поставила в духовку запекаться мин на 5 -7 (духовки у всех разные по этому в градусах не подскажу). После выкладываю на готовое тесто ингредиенты и держу 5 минут. Приятного аппетита P.S. Ваш повар от бога😘 _____________________________________ #краснодар #крд #выходной #рецепты #рецепт #пиццадомашняя #пицца #pizza #восскресенье #крд #видео #фото #длявас #кушать #вкусно #вкусняшка #tiktok #instagram #instagood #video #photo #vk #google #krasnodar #summer #good #eat #moscow #ny
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